Grant Writing

Grant Writing Services

Grant writing is the funding phase of a collaborative process that entails special project or whole program research, planning, development, implementation and evaluation, as well as the formation of individual, business, education and other community partnerships, in order to address a specific problem or need. Program development and grant writing are integrally linked - whether you want $2,000 from a local council for an arts-in-education project, $500,000 from a state association for a medical practices reform initiative, or $2,000,000 from a federal agency for an organ and tissue donation educational outreach program. Too often, writing grant proposals is treated as a stand-alone activity, when the best results in securing funds actually derive from mining the collective resources of a community.

Now that you understand the philosophy of my whole program approach to writing grant proposals, I encourage you to take a look at the Writing Grant Proposals, Writing Grant Proposals Checklist, the Rochester Effectiveness Partnership description, the Rochester Grantmakers Forum Common Application Form (logic model, too), and the other grant writing resource sections available on this site. Read excerpts of my grant writing and project success stories to become familiar with the breadth and depth of my experience and the high quality of my work. Every grant application differs, but there is nothing mystical about the grant writing process once you identify the common threads that run through it.