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Grants Development Testimonials

As the Arts-in-Education Coordinator for the Rochester City School District, I collaborated with Jennifer Litt in the creation of the following two successful grant proposals for District schools:

“Education Through the Arts” grant funded by the New York State Council for the Arts for implementation January-February 2003.
In conjunction with the If All of Rochester Read the Same Book community initiative, 100 secondary students in alternative educational sites read Octavia Butler’s science fiction novel Kindred and attended a literary presentation by Ms. Butler. Students explored the question: What happens when young adult learners see themselves in the literature that they read and express their thoughts and feelings through the arts? Students created poetry, essays, books and a mural in response to their personal connection to the novel’s themes of racism, slavery, and access to quality education.

“School Arts Partnership” grant funded by the New York State Council for the Arts for implementation September-December 2004.
This project took place at RCSD School #1 where the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program has created a school environment that emphasizes visual and kinesthetic methods of instruction. Through the grant, teachers were assisted in using music, visual art, movement and dance to help students understand and retain key social studies concepts and vocabulary and develop expressive written and verbal language.

Jennifer was the grant writer for both of these projects. As a member of the planning teams for both grants, she met with teachers and school administrators, formulating their educational goals for their students into narratives that successfully addressed the requirements of the proposals. I was very impressed with her ability to help both teaching artists and classroom teachers see the “common ground” in their work and develop the common language that described their goals for students. Jennifer is creative, energetic, dependable, and thorough. I highly recommend her services for writing grant proposals; she is a valuable and knowledgeable resource.

Paulette Davis
Arts-in-Education Coordinator
Rochester City School District, Department of the Arts